Cami Shaper by Genie

Cami Shaper Under Shirt Hey everyone, my name is Madison and these are my Cami Shaper by Genie reviews. I hope that my reviews are helpful and informative. I wanted to write these reviews because of how much I love to use my Cami Shaper by Genie.

Before getting my Cami Shaper I was using the Genie bra and love everything about it. When I saw that Genie came out with the Cami Shaper I was so excited to try it. I knew that it would be another great product because of how much I love my Genie bra.

Before getting my Cami Shaper from the official website I used to wear my Genie bra, a tank top and shape wear. I really like to use shape wear because it helps my clothes to look flattering all day long. Then, I wear a tank top as an undershirt for most of my shirts.

Layering your clothes has become a popular trend so that you can see all of the layers. My layers were different though. I would get so hot with all the layers that I was wearing and I felt very uncomfortable with all my layers, but I knew that they helped me to look my best.

When I saw the Cami Shaper by Genie commercial I knew that would solve all of my layering and clothes issues. I already loved the Genie bra and the Cami Shaper looked awesome.

What I love about the Cami Shaper is that it is a Genie bra, shape wear, and a tank top all in one! I no longer have to wear so many layers underneath the clothes that I am layering.

The Cami shape wear is by far the best shape wear that I have ever worn. I have tried a lot of shape wear that has eventually lost shape over time and would no longer help smooth my body. The Cami Shape is made of material that isn’t going to lose its shape no matter how many times its washed and worn. It is also seamless so I don’t have any seams showing making the Cami Shaper have a really natural look.

I like the look that a camisole provides for an outfit. I love to layer a lot of my clothes and a camisole is a staple part of almost all of my outfits. The Cami Shaper is the best camisole because it still can add length, make a top modest, and can be worn underneath a sheer top. It fits to my body while at the same time it never is unflattering.

The best part is that the Cami Shaper by Genie still has a Genie bra top. I love my Genie Bra because of how comfortable it is while still being able to deliver all of the lit and support that I need.

Now with the Cami Shaper by Genie I can wear my favorite clothes and look flawless. I don’t have to worry about having on too many layers, my love handles, tummy, or bulges. I feel confident when I wear my Cami Shaper and I recommend it to everyone. It is a bra, tank top and shape wear all in one.

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Cami Shaper Walgreens

Before I ordered my Cami Shaper from the official website I wanted to see if I could find Cami Shaper in stores. So I first checked Cami Shaper Walgreens.

I went to Walgreens first because they have a good selection of as seen on TV products so I thought I would have a bit of luck in finding Cami Shaper there. After searching Walgreens for Cami Shaper I was pretty disappointed. There were plenty of other as seen on TV products like cami secret and trendy top, but no Cami Shaper Walgreens. I even spoke with a couple of store associates asking them if they knew where I would be able to find the Cami Shaper, but they didn’t know anything about it.

I knew that the Cami Shaper would be an awesome product if it was anything like the Genie Bra. I just wanted to be able to see it in person and possibly try it on before ordering online to make sure that I would get the right size.

The Cami Shaper website has a size chart that was really helpful for me. The size chart for Cami Shaper is similar to the Genie Bra size chart. Basically, whatever size you wear in tops is the same size that you would wear in Cami Shaper.

cami shaper size chart

The Cami Shaper size chart is easy to follow. For me, I ordered a size medium Cami Shaper because I normally wear a shirt size Medium, size 8 and sometimes Large depending on the brand or type of shirt. The Medium has been the best size for me because works great as shape wear but it isn’t too tight.

What I like about the Cami Shaper is that the shape wear is uncomplicated and comfortable. The material is very soft and seamless. In some of my other shape wear it was noticeable that I had on some type of slimming garment and it was embarrassing. I wanted my shape wear to look like I wasn’t wearing any shape wear and that is what the Cami Shaper provides.

The Cami Shaper focuses on five areas of the middle section to slim. One—The racer back design of the Cami Shaper helps to smooth the back so that no back fat makes rolls. Before I got my Cami Shaper and Genie Bra I had a big problem with the rolls that my old bra created in the back. It was very uncomfortable.

Two—The built in Genie Bra is fantastic. I already loved wearing my Genie Bra because of how comfortable and flattering my body looks while wearing it. I was glad to see that the Genie Bra was already built into the Cami Shaper.

Three—The sides and waist of the Cami Shaper have vertical panels to help smooth out everything.

Four—The stomach area has the Cami Shaper compression applied and it gives a really smooth and toned look the middle section. When I started wearing my Cami Shaper a few of my friends actually asked me how I was losing some weight.

Five—The love handles are targeted with the flare control band that brings everything in at the hips.

Overall, I love to wear my Cami Shaper because of how great it makes my body look and feel. I recommend the Cami Shaper to everyone.


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Cami Shaper Special Offer

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